MECACS Meets Ep4: Dr Leyla Sayfutdinova

Thursday 1 April 2021

Follow the link below to listen to Episode 4 of our radio show MECACS Meets, which features Dr Leyla Sayfutdinova. Our interns interviewed Dr Sayfutdinova about her involvement in the recently opened Centre for Energy Ethics, her research on Baku’s identity as an oil city and the way she uses her interdisciplinary background to approach studying the Caucasus. She also shared her views as an Azerbaijani scholar studying the region and some insights into Azerbaijani culture (including food!). As usual, our interns also gave their perspectives on current events occurring in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Tune to our next show at 9am on Tuesday in two weeks time (we post reminders on our Twitter account). You can also listen to recordings of previous episodes which have already been posted on our blog. (Recording starts around 5 minutes).

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